No you didn’t misunderstand. Yes Hailan Rising is headed into open beta and yes I must admit I had never heard of the game till today. You also did correctly read the part where the title mentioned the developers awarding players who successfully crash the servers. We will get to that in a minute, but first we must establish what kind of game Hailan Rising is. Before we begin it should be noted that Hailan Rising is being developed by Reloaded Productions who acquired the development rights to the Free-to-Play version of APB. Hailan Rising appears to be the developer’s first MMORPG endeavour on their own since then.

The game is touted as “the love child of Dark Age of Camelot and Call of Duty,” according to the devs. While to many the names DAoC and CoD might not mix well in sentences with the phrase “love child”, it certainly perks ones interest to find out what it all really means. Accordingly, Hailan Rising is a fantasy PvP MMO that forgoes typical MMO standards such as gear grinding, levels or class restrictions. Because of this a player can wear any armor and utilize any spell. Finally your wishes of becoming a wizard rogue in heavy armor can be fulfilled! Beyond these details I honestly know little more. There is talk of strategic territory control, random loot drops and instant PvP action, but the websites details are awfully sparse at the moment.

The open beta is set to begin this Thursday, February 21st at 11:00 AM PST. During the beta the developers will be monitoring the server stability and ironically the first three players to crash the server will receive one of the following:

Third Prize: 10,000 G1C, GamersFirst’s game currency, valued at $50.00 US dollars.
Second Prize: 20,000 G1C valued at $250.00 US dollars.
Grand Prize: 40,000 G1C valued at $500.00 US dollars, an epic-quality in-game item, an original weapon named after their in-game character for “Wrecking the World,” and a Quality Assurance acknowledgment in the game credits.

In order to be eligible to win you must of course actually have a GamersFirst account which you can create here. This will also pre-register you for the beta which you will be able to download ahead of time here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I have to say it only looks interesting to me at the very beginning. I feel so bored now. You guys should play Age of Wushu with me, a real sandbox game.

    • Ya know, I am not usually one to judge very easily but I seriously have to say that this game is not a “cash shop” game.. I don’t care how it’s chopped and screwed, this is not even on amateur levels.. It is a complete mess.. If Waren Story WAS previously the foot of this website, this game has replaced it by a large margin. I can’t even put it into words.. During my 30 minute stay, I could not really find one (1) ONE complete and functional mechanic.. Nothing worked.. It is a complete disaster..

      • Agreed. Just wasted one hour on this game. I fell sorry for the devs, because they are only a small team. Somewhere like 7-8 devs, from what one of them was saying, but still horrible game. Awarding players for crashing the server? There is more then 2 seconds lag, no need for crashes, the lag is bad enough. The game is also very bugged, more an alpha or pre-alpha then an open beta. Combat sucks and yes is tab targeting, “CoD child” my ass. Game looks horrible. Is PvP focus, PvE is only for early “leveling”(some gear and abilities).
        They do have something nice thought. You are able to chose any armor/ability in the game (not to many, around 30 powers), but you can only have up to 10 abilities enabled. This open class thing is quite nice; other then that, this game should have not come out.

  2. OMG A REAL BETA TEST has the world gone mad or am i dreaming becuse i dont know what i see si this rilly a beta test that rewards players how crash the servers omg liek a real beta test should do wow.

  3. Just another way getting gamers to play your games…. Can’t gamerfirst get a decent game into their lists? So far all their games sucks, not to mention their community is also terrible.

  4. Definitely will give this a try, kinda like the idea of any type of armour (depicting pros and cons) and (not mentioned here) not weapon locked, graphics don’t look too cracky but then people should know that doesn’t mean much, see GW2 (what’s the phrase “mutton in sheep’s clothing”). Damn from playing GW2, any MMO where I can see the enemy before I’m dead gets rated! (Oh how I can see the aesthetically pleasing environmental graphics from way way off yet even 1 enemy won’t appear until they’re 5-10 steps away from my char….)

    • Now I know why no one had heard of it before…….
      Even their comical ‘fantastic’ graphic setting was mis-labeled from ‘slightly better than really poor’.
      Wow guess someone was clearing out cupboards and found a box labelled ‘unfinished games pre 2000’.
      Oh my, what a waste of money trying to get this up and going, absolutely dire


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