Help Take Your Club to the Top in Trove's Club Focused Update

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By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Clubs are about to become even more important in Trove. According to a letter posted today by Senior Producer Ricky White, the game's latest update -- titled "Adventures" -- will add a variety of updates to the club system that will make them a more central part of game life.

To begin with, clubs will now be able to level up using experience earned from players taking part in the new Adventure system. The Adventure system is accessible via something known as the Adventure Fixture which allows admins of the club to spawn NPCs ready to issue Adventures to players in that club. Fixtures are a new type of structure that offers Clubs a selection of perks like boosts and bonuses -- or in the case of the Adventure Fixture, the ability to summon adventure offering NPCs.

In addition to Fixtures and the Adventure system, the new update also introduces a new Eastern-themed biome to the game and removes the cap from the mastery system. Of course, these are the highlights of the update and a short summary of other features being added alongside them can be found in the full Producer's Letter on the Trove site.

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DarkForsh 6 years ago
wanna see their faces when they decided to ban all the botting players to see that nearly the whole population was bots.

Guest 6 years ago
It shame that trove has less population for support this game.

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