Heroes of the Storm doesn’t officially launch until June 2, but if you haven’t gotten into the game yet and want to take it for a spin, you can do so starting right about… now.

Blizzard’s MOBA is now in open beta, allowing anyone with a Battle.net account to download and play the game. To commemorate the event, Blizzard’s got a new-ish trailer, featuring a mix of gameplay footage and video from the various character introductions.

With over 30 heroes from Blizzard’s various properties already planned, and players having had lots of time to practice and hone their strategies, it should be all systems go from Day One. Which is actually now. Or maybe June 2. Really, when does a game like this actually “launch”? That’s probably a topic for another time…

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  1. its best moba i ever played!!!!!!!!! its not boring as other mobas, (farming farming farming) you dont need to farm here! every map has its own objectives and makes you fight all time! you can build your own talent character but another thing i like there is when u take assassin u will stay squishee you cant be tank as in other mobas, tanks cant kill you easy they survive and doing crowd control. in other mobas everyone building their characters as TANK thats boring!!! (Sry 4 bad Eng)

  2. Lol. Blizzard “lets take good games, dumb them down, cater to ADD, and slap cartoon art”.
    Wow, easy mode mmorpg that lost its core fame to cater to ADD children.
    Hearthstone. Took card game genre, dumbed it down to small table fast rounds, derp rule sets for speed (blocking mechanism and builds).
    Now MOBA dumb down…. Blizzard. Not even once.

  3. I played LOL for 3+ years, played DOTA 2 for 2 years, tried HON, smite, strife and many more.

    HOTS is the funnest and best MOBA I have played. It is not as complex as DOTA 2, but the variety of maps and the teamwork that the game encourages makes it just a lot more enjoyable to play. Also, games are usually 12-20 mins max. So you can play more and not rage over a 60min game you just lost due to some jungler that wanted to be a hero late game like in other MOBAs.

    • Haha I have done the same but with little bit more experience and I fully agree with you.HoTS is unique in its own ways and usual 20~ mins games are lot of fun. 😀

  4. I was a league player and I tried this game. At first I thought the game was really boring and had no real skill cap to it but I decided to continue playing cause I kinda paid 75 cents for a key and didn’t wanna waste my money. Compared to league the game felt really easy and had no shine or polish to it. Then I started losing games one after the other and kept trying to win, it just wasn’t happening. I won a game and realized that the game wasn’t bad at all and I was just too stuck in that league mentality. The game grew on me and I started to realize it did in fact have a skill factor to it. What this game had to offer (from a league players perspective):
    -Team based gameplay (requires communication)
    -Multiple maps to play on
    -Fast paced quick thinking gameplay
    -Interesting Heroes (from different Blizzard games)

    The game does feel a little bit dumbed down but it still requires knowledge of MOBAs such as macro and micro (The Lost Vikings) mechanics. You still need to hit your skills shots and know how and when to use your cc and how to control vision and map awareness. I played a game of league after awhile of playing some HoTS and it was just terribly boring and slow. But at the end of the day I’m 14, what the fuck do I know?

    tl;dr- The game has fast paced team based gameplay and can be great if you let it grow on you.

  5. The game it`s boring itself it lacks something to make it a little bit difficult , or at least different , i mean if you play a hero , and the other team has the same hero , BUT OF THEM most likely will build the same thing . that`s what makes it boring.


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