Raise your hand if you forgot SMITE hadn’t officially launched. The third-person clash of the gods MOBA SMITE originally went into Open Beta back in January, but now appears to be launching in North America and Europe on March 25th of next year, 2014. That’s a fairly ridiculous amount of time to still be considered open beta. For curiosity’s sake I checked how long League of Legends and Dota 2 open betas lasted and their combined total was less than a month.

But if your main concern is your progression in game, fear not, all player progress will carry over to the general release. Also, as an added bonus, those in Beta who reach level 30 before the launch date will unlock the Cacodemon skin for the god Ymir.

In case some of you are still jostled by the news of a launch date, be prepared to be slightly jostled some more. The following weekend after launch, The $100,000 SMITE Launch Tournament will take place. On Saturday, March 29, and Sunday, March 30, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, the tournament will have the top four teams in Europe and the top four in North America live-streaming via twitch.tv/smitegame.

To read more details about the release or the upcoming tournament, check out SMITE’s news post.

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  1. I don’t even remember the Dota 2 open beta. In fact even now, I’m not sure I’d say that it’s officially “launched”, as new players still have to queue up before being let in (someone correct me if this is no longer the case, as my Steam account already has access to Dota 2). That’s akin to a closed beta, where you sign up and wait for your closed beta key to come.

    I wonder if this game will launch on Steam. It’s a competitor to Dota 2 after all…yet Hi-Rez’s titles have so far all gone on Steam if I remember correctly.

  2. I love this game and was very surprised when I received an e-mail mentioning how long beta would last. But I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry? I’m loving this game more than LoL and Dota but I wish they would fix the favors and experience points so that we may be able to get things done a little quicker 😛
    Hit me up in game if you’d like:


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