Side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe is just about ready for launch. To celebrate the end of early access, Nexon has released an infographic, telling us more and more about the game — while also talking about showing us less.

Overall, there were 359,413 matches played, lasting 124,947 hours, which comes out to about 22 minutes per player in a match. Bluefire was possibly the best player in early access, boasting of the best KDR in a single match (12.98) and overall (5.59). The top six, and eight of the top 10, most popular Hypers were of the female persuasion, with Celine, The Arrow of Shelara, at #1 overall.

Speaking of the ladies, they’re the first topic in the “Top Community Issues” rundown on the webpage with the infographic. Some female characters were “changed to show less skin, less buxom,” which developer Eundo Chae responded to in September. When I tried out Hyper Universe at PAX South, my biggest takeaway was all the jiggle the female Hypers had, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing to have that toned down a tiny bit.

You can see how Celine’s design has changed just by comparing her image at the top of that page with her image under the 10 Most Picked Hypers header. It’s not as if she, and the rest of the female Hypers, are A-cups now, but at least she’ll be a little warmer in the winter.

Oh, there were other important community concerns addressed in the early access, such as forced AI matches and the addition of a surrender vote. The last listed item is also interesting, indicating that fans preferred a more “casual, off the cuff vlog” to a scripted one. Who knew that making your devs seem like people rather than robots would have been a good move?

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  1. Again, these idiots with an inferiority complex who complained about excessive nudity ruins this game and cowardly developers who do nothing but to dance to their tune. And to this narrow-minded is not clear that it’s not unnecessary nudity but a fan service. Thre is nothing bad in fan service BUT NO(!) some ppl never change.

  2. After going through the reddit and 4chan thread about the game and on the absolutely disgusting behaviours that Nexon treat the players with; complete with screen shot no less. I can confidently say that no amount of white knighting or blame pushing can save the company out of the mess it has created.

    Closed circle bullying tactics and out right abuse has cemented the deal, when they said f you to the player base 90% f’d right off. I don’t think you can argue with the results.

  3. So sad, even after they make Athena that hot she still got 10th in pick rank, imagine if they don’t make a female tank. i think they sould make all the tank and support female.


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