Infinite Crisis just keeps looking better, with today’s announcement by Turbine at E3 showcasing a new map and a new twist on gameplay for the DC Universe-inspired MOBA.

Unlike its circular sister map, Gotham Heights, Coast City is a two-lane map with defensive turrets throughout and the Wastes (think jungle) in between. The control points are called Power Relays, and they stay under the control of the capturing team for 90 seconds, after which they can be recaptured by the opponents.

At the center of the map, replacing Gotham Heights’ Orbital Cannon, is the Doomsday Device, which is protected by a turret that attacks players from both sides and respawns every five minutes.

Infinite Crisis is still in beta, but you can apply here.

So now IC’s got a circular map (a la League of Legends’ Dominion) and a “lane-push” map (like Summoner’s Rift/Twisted Treeline). It’s nice to see additions like the central device o’ destruction and being able to recapture control points, but does it need something more to capture gamers’ attention? Or is the slight tweaking of gameplay and the presence of DC superheroes enough to get you to play?


  1. Omg this city looks awesome .. now I am even more interested in the game now o.o … I will just be happy if I knew which should I choose … this or merc elite .. ><

  2. To the last paragraph, no it doesn’t need anything else. Where was league of legends “special” when it was still just a “Oh look dota rip off.” Nothing. The game play did it. IC just has more ideas to borrow from now then league ever did and is doing so wonderfully. Gameplay will prove itself.

    • Seriously tho, I have full beta access and this is League of Legends but with dc characters, exact same items exact same maps exact same characters really, it has worse gameplay, and its very user friendly


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