InnoGames is kicking off Spring-related events in most of its games within the next few days — if they haven’t already. Today, the company sent out a press release detailing events for Elvenar, Tribal Wars, Forge of Empires, Grepolis, and The West.

The Elvenar event is already underway, having kicked off on March 23. During this event, the Phoenix Cult will prepare for the arrival of phoenixes by collecting eggs that have fallen from the sky. The eggs contain special prizes as well as phoenix feathers that are used to unlock Coldfire Phoenix Artifacts. These artifacts are used to create the Coldfire Phoenix. The event runs until April 17, so even though InnoGames waited a few days to tell us about it, you should have plenty of time to collect those eggs.

Speaking of events that are already underway. Tribal Wars kicked off their event on March 25. During this event, players will have the chance to receive daily mystical items. The items are revealed by the raven, who may be a bit mischievous about the whole thing and play around with what rewards are given out. This particular event comes to an end on March 30. So there’s not a lot of time left.

The next two events begin on March 31, and those are Forge of Empires’ Cherry Blossom Festival and the unleashing of the mythical hen in Grepolis. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, Forge of Empires players will need to help origami animals make their way across a lake. For their efforts, they’ll be given prizes, like the Hanami Bridge. This event runs until April 20.

As for Grepolis’s Mythical Hen, players will need to collect ingredients to make feed mixes that can be traded to the hen in exchange for special eggs containing all kinds of rewards. This event ends on April 23.

Finally, cities in The West are being invaded by a group of bandits. Players who manage to drive them out by winning as many duels as possible will receive special items including new equipment sets. The bandits will continue to hang out until April 30.


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