Well, here’s something I never imagined getting a press release about — but here we are. Today, InnoGames — developer of games like Tribal Wars, and Grepolis — announced that the company will be honoring white-hat hacker Ahmed “Batee5a” Sherif with his own avatar in the city builder Forge of Empires. The company, in conjunction with security platform HackerOne, has officially named Sherif “the most important Hacker” and is rewarding him with his own in-game NPC.

Sherif is one of a number of hackers known as Bug Bounty Hunters that companies like InnoGames rely on to help assure security in their games. Effectively, companies invite hackers to help identify problems and reward them for their discoveries. Most often these rewards are monetary and in InnoGames’ case, the company has already paid EUR 22,500 to 196 hackers.

In Sherif’s case, InnoGames has elected to award him in-game as well after identifying him as the “most valuable” hacker within the program.

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  1. This how game companies should operate, instead of bringing in suits.
    All suits(lawyers) do is show that the game company is too full of its own boots and really doesn’t care for or approve its players abilities to hack them because their code is weak, and the hacker players just shown how to break through, no fault of the hacker.
    The fault lies in game company lack of coding and how full of bullshit it is when it employs suits.


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