It’s New World’s First Birthday, And That Means It’s Infographic Time

What have y’all been up to the last twelve months?

QuintLyn Bowers
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New World First Anniversary

New World’s first anniversary is upon us and like any good game company, Amazon has dropped an infographic highlighting several of the players' achievements over the past year. Because games aren’t anything without gamers playing them, right?

What has the New World community been up to? As one might expect in an open-world survival game, there’s been a lot of killing – 17.3 billion enemies to date. There’s also been a lot of fishing and retrieving of stolen presents. Gotta love those holiday events, by the way. That’s 42.8 million fish and 223.5 million presents, respectively. Oh. Yes, and for those wondering, players have spent 569.1 million hours in the game collectively. That’s 23.7 million days or 649k years.

New World Year 1

As an additional bit of anniversary celebration – and because it’s Dev Update time – Amazon posted the September Dev Update video today. It takes a look back at the last year and what the team has taken from it, as well as a look forward at things to come – such as a revamped starting experience.

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