Lineage II: Aden Debuts Cruma Tower Instance For "Core Raid Event," Brings New Rewards And Event Buff

The raid is capable of holding up to 200 players.

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Lineage II Core Raid Event

Lineage II: Aden, the new streamlined MMORPG service that keeps the core Lineage II experience intact, is running a "Core Raid Event" from today to August 24. The event brings a new Cruma Tower raid that rewards players with goodies and grants a unique buff upon completion, but it's only available once per day for level 76+ players.

In addition, a group of at least 20 players is necessary to enter Cruma Tower. The maximum amount of players that can go in together is 200. But to enter the raid zone, players must speak with NPC Mahki in any town within Lineage II: Aden. On the flip side, players could teleport to Cruma Tower and have the party leader speak to NPC Varon on the inside to enter directly. Note: you can only re-enter the zone if you've died during the raid encounter.

By defeating the Core boss inside Cruma Tower, players will receive plenty of different rewards randomly. Some of those items, like Core's Plasma Bow, Ring of Core, and Core Doll Lv. 2, are unique to the instance. Upon completion, the NPC Varon will spawn and grant all players who participated a "Prophecy of Core" event buff: granting 300 minutes of +5% PvE damage, -5% PvE damage received, +300 defense and magic defense, +20 additional potion recovery, and -10% to Sayha's Grace consumption. Also, players can claim extra rewards through Event Mission UI, earning a Shiny Jewelry Box and a limited-time Red Arc.

For a full list of the rewards that come out of the "Core Raid Event," check out the Lineage II website to learn more!

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