Last year’s Harnkegger Games in The Lord of the Rings Online were such a success that the folks behind them are doing it again this year, with another round of events and a slew of great prizes!

The community-run event will take place from Sept. 5-11 on the Laurelin server in LotRO and will feature 15 events, including races on land and in the water, fishing, music, and sparring competitions, and more. Turbine and various players have donated over 14,000 Turbine Points and 2,000 gold as prizes, as well as various rare in-game items.

All events are suitable for low-level characters, but some have a limit as to the number of participants. If you’re interested, check out the Harnkegger Games website for more information and to register for your favorite events.

Harnkegger V Main Poster


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