Gravity Interactive launched the start of open beta testing for their free to play MMORPG, Maestia: Rise of Keledus.

Numerous changes have occurred since the closed beta ended on June 21st. Players are now able to reach level 59, up from 40. Though all past progress was wiped during the preparation for open beta, those who made it to max level during the closed beta retain their character name. To support these additional levels, two new sections of the game are now open, as well as two additional dungeons, both available as normal and expert mode.

The open beta also unveils a vastly improved talent tree for all classes. Abilities have been streamlines into three loose tiers, making it easier forplayers to distinguish various talent roles. Rangers will now find bow skills in their top most tier, while daggers will be the lower most tier, with utility abilities sandwiched between the two. Warriors will find their tanking abilities at the top,their damage abilities on the bottom, and utility through the middle.

Want to make some extra EXP and currency while logged off? Need some help on atough quest or dungeon? Try out the Mercenary System, available now in open beta. Players can loan out their characters while offline to the mercenary system, where other players may hire them fora cost. When the player returns, they will have earned someextra experience and money, courtesy of the mercenary system!

Follow a captivating storyline and join fellow players in parties to challenge Instance Dungeons or band together in guilds for small and large scalefaction battles. Adventure in an ever-growing world filled with quests, crafting, an advanced Mercenary system and more. You can also ride epic mounts determined by your class.

Whether choosing to be a Guardian or a Knight, players begin by marching directly to, and Registering to be part of the open beta, which includes the feedback from the closed beta testers.


  1. I played when it was EU release since I livein both US and EU when I want. EU was alright. Exactly like people saying here; nothing to get to excited about. It had everything in place. Quests; leveling; etc. But something felt dry. Missing. Kind of like how Allods fells today if you start up; just empty. The community EU was pretty bad. It was 100% PAy to wn end game and the elite players seemed to hail all from north Europe (I find west and south euro players the best comminity in the mmorpg market. The French by far the most polite; eager; and community friendly players. Most english speaking eu and us players are kind of bad to play with as you have to put up with trolling and noob chat. French dont troll as the word troll and noob are nto translated in their language and they dont think that way). Any ways; this norht euro community was kind of cold and although I could work my way into a guild, they GMs were super controlling of this game. I think they forsaw its small player base as its only income in end game and therefore kind of shunted begineers. Several of my questions were mocked by GMS in their forums. So, shit community combined with stale gameplay = Me not leveling past 20. I have about 100 times more fun in Forsaken World with its active community and events. Remeber that game that made you shift into a dragon? I forgot its name it was launched last year. Same graphics same thing = Stale game play mixed with ok mechanics= unheard of now. You probably can include games like ARGO online in this catagory/ Or Wa of Angels. Decent games; fully developed; but ZERO population

  2. its really a decent game ,not the best , but med to hgh graphics ,gameplay ok , i tryed it in beta ,nothing to complain about ,lik most.dont get me started on other 1 i just played ,grrr hate shtty games that promis great gameplay.


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