How hard do you want your Magic: Legends experience to be? Whether you prefer “cakewalk” or “brokenglasswalk” difficulty, Cryptic Studios has you covered, as explained in today’s dev diary blog post and video.

There are four difficulty levels to choose from: normal, hard, expert, and master. You’ll start on normal difficulty and unlock the later ones as you level up. Difficulty level affects not only the creatures you’ll encounter but also regional and world enchantments, encouraging you to mix up your build to compensate. Naturally, the harder your difficulty level, the better your rewards.

So, what are enchantments? These are passive modifiers that affect battle in ways that make the game more challenging. Regional enchantments are available from hard difficulty and higher and include effects like making enemy corpses explode or causing ranged attacks to do less damage.

On the other hand, world enchantments are crafted items that you can choose to use before embarking on a mission. They come in three tiers and can be attached to a map to increase both the difficulty of that map and its rewards.

You’ll be able to try out Magic: Legends’ various difficulty levels for yourself when the game hits open beta on March 23.


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