MapleStory Celebrates The Defeat Of The Black Mage With Level Cap Increase And Event

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Now that MapleStory's big bad has been defeated, what's next? How about a big party and a level cap increase?

That's what's in store for dedicated Maplers, when the Black Mage: New Beginnings story line kicks off on Jan. 23. The level cap goes up from 250 to 275 -- the first such increase in five years -- and a series of Maple Alliance celebration events will grant players special titles and gift boxes with unique rewards.

Missed out on the big battle? If you're at least level 245, you can go to Tenebris to re-live it, while also enjoying daily quests and other quests that can set you up with a Genesis weapon after defeating the Black Mage. Learn more about all the goings-on at the MapleStory site.

And what would a big event be without an infographic? Nexon's got one of those, chronicling 13 years of MapleStory. As it turns out, only 0.5% of all characters are above level 200, which makes people benefiting from the level cap increase a rather exclusive club. In fact, there are overall 43.4 million MapleStory accounts but just 47.8 million characters. Haven't you people ever heard of alts?

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Discussion (2)

Xerxesz 5 years ago
Well on gms it takes about 100 hours to level up from 240 - 250 with frenzy and firestarter ( some very exclusive items in maple ofc) and a lot of exp booster. Now thinking of it if we gain exp still the same amount per hour and exp required to lvl every 10 levels were doubled it would take 1000 days / 47 days / 1 month, 2 week and 3 days of constant grinsing! That incredible! Hope maple gonna change something cos only very very few ppl will be able to access new area... And probably lead maple to die o.o

Rustle 5 years ago
"In fact, there are overall 43.4 million MapleStory accounts but just 47.8 million characters. Haven’t you people ever heard of alts?"

Well, that's obviously because layers who have the time to get past 200 don't have as many alts. I have over 12 characters but none of them are past 180, considering there isn't much else to progress past 200, character-wise.

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