On May 27th, Bandai Namco will be hosting a new developer update stream via YouTube. The stream will kick off at 8:00PM Japan time when the dev team will update players on the game’s progress. The stream was announced via Twitter yesterday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any details about what players can expect from it. Or, maybe it’s not unfortunate, it’ll just be a surprise.

Of course, since there’s still no official release date for Blue Protocol in the West, this stream may mostly be geared toward Japanese players. Even so, there’s probably been enough progress since the last time the developers offered up information on the game’s development that it will be of interest to anyone hoping to play the game in the future.

If you’d like to watch the stream, you’ll be able to catch it via the embed below. You can also set a reminder on YouTube so you don’t forget to watch.

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  1. I’m already burnt out by the hype from this game. It’s taking way too long for updates and what not. I’m not even excited for this game anymore. Just like LostArk. Too long. Don’t care. Besides they don’t do anything revolutionary to the MMORPG scene.

    It’s always the same thing. Starter town, grind, repeat. There are no in between moments like Lineage 2. You could go out and grind but run into some pvp/pk. Maybe pick up some high enchanted gear from a pker. And then there is always that incentive of owning a castle!

    All these other mmorpg’s are boring, mindless, and predictable games.

    • I tried Lost Ark….uninstalled that crap of a game after 1hour of running in straight line listening to boring story and doing “go there kill X of those dudes/pick up some useless crap from ground and come back” quest


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