Gazillion Entertainment has revealed the first glimpse of the eagerly anticipated free-to-play MMORPG game Marvel Heroes. Marvel Heroes combines the energy of action role-playing games with the breadth and immersion of the MMO genre.

Drawing upon the 8,000-plus heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes allows players to become their favorite Marvel Super Heroes – from the popular Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and Hulk to the lesser known Squirrel Girl and Cable. Fans will be able to completely customize their characters by constructing costumes taken from each hero’s rich history, choosing from a huge array of super powers for each character, and finding thousands of other items. There are countless ways for players to tailor their experience.

In the game’s social areas, including Midtown Manhattan and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, players can meet up with other players, discover missions, and buy items from legendary Marvel characters. While pursuing missions, players will explore such famous Marvel landscapes as the Savage Land, Hell’s Kitchen and Mutant Town.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, author of Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Secret Invasion and countless other successes, Marvel Heroes is inspired by some of the most popular tales and events in Marvel Comics history.

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  1. Wow, this seems like they’re pretty much copying from the game DC Universe Online, but hey, whatever works. The arts looks interesting.

    • Except they aren’t doing anything like that… lol. This couldn’t be more different than DCU… did you even watch the trailer?

  2. all I can say is that playing Champions Online I know there is a market for this…. with the 300+ Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, and other clones running around in CO to make a game that is nothing BUT clones will draw them all to it. Just going to be kinda weird to see like 10 Wolverines running the missions together.

  3. WHAT THE F*** is this?? why are all games this year are all like “FPS/COPY PASTA DIABLO SH*T/ PAYTOPLAYRUBBISH GAMES/ FREE TO PLAY COPY PASTA OF OTHER GAMES” there’s no decent games to play. what has happened to gaming?? seriously, the only game i know which is good is RaiderZ, and Coreblaze which is upcommin soon. I wish those lazy devs will do something better.

      • This was on the front page.
        “Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play MMO Action RPG created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo.”

    • omg all games are copy from other games! -.-
      marvel heroes look like diablo with heroes 😛
      I love marvel and u too ^^

    • It’s simply that “Champion Online” was originally managed by a team that was working on a now cancelled game called “Marvel Universe Online”. Unlike most of the “cancelled project”, the team didn’t loose any rights over the data, but only on the name and trademarks. Cryptic than decided to use the data about the cancelled game into another work in progress (back then) which was “Champion Online” and especially since both used the same system.

      Champion Online was the first Super Heroes 3DMMO to be F2P from its official launch and actually brought enought donuts to Cryptic to push both it 2 main competitors games : City of Heroes/Villain and DC Universe Online: to become F2P too as lot of regular players became part-time gamers on both.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if, due to the success of Champion Online, Marvel Heroes Online would be made from the same kind of match-up by Gazillion Entertainment

      • champions wasn’t a f2p at launch… it was p2p…

        anyway… I’m not impressed with this game already….


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