Why should tanks have all the fun? My.Games has added ground assault units to Armored Warfare, letting players deploy squads of infantry to assist them in the never-ending war for … well, whatever they’re all fighting over. Probably over who’s the best K-pop band.

The squads are AI-controlled and come in three varieties: anti-tank squads, which fire armor-piercing rockets directly at foes; mortar squads, which lob high-explosive rounds; and sniper squads, which are specialized to target opposing infantry but can also target tanks’ sights to blind them.

Armored Warfare’s mechanized infantry is currently in the game as part of a limited test that runs from Nov. 7 to Nov. 14. During that time, the feature will be enabled on live servers and My.Games will collect feedback, but they reserve the option to pull them out if things get hairy — kind of like how a real infantry deployment would operate.

For more details on how infantry will work in Armored Warfare, check out the developer diary and FAQ.

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