Later this month, Wargaming will take World of Tanks in a different direction on consoles. World of Tanks: Mercenaries goes live on June 26, and combines the base WoT game, the War Stories campaigns, and a new Mercenary “nation” into one big and explosive package.

The changes to the game are pretty significant. The Mercenary vehicles comprise “an armory of powerful vehicles made from parts scavenged from different tanks.” Players can acquire them by completing (through in-game achievements) or buying out (by paying real money) contracts. Each new tank comes with a specialized crew that matches its play style.

One of those tanks is the the Trinity tank, an exclusive design made specifically for the new three-chapter story mission, The Heist. That will task players with stealing nuclear materials for a client and being challenged by a combined American and Soviet force.

Mercenaries will be a free update for all World of Tanks players on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Learn more about it, including the changes to maps, on the WoT console site.

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