BetaDwarf’s auto-battler Minion Masters is getting an expansion next month, which will bring new cards, master skins, avatars, emotes, and more to the game. The Quest For The Mountainshaper will go live on Nov. 20, and BetaDwarf has opted to preview the expansion in stages, with today’s reveal giving just a few tantalizing teasers of what’s to come.

There’s going to be a new faction in the game, the Stouthearts, described as “big burly humans.” (With a name like that, not to mention the developer itself, I would have expected dwarves.) A new gameplay mode, adventures, will also be a part of this expansion, as well as a new mechanic, revelry. They may not be dwarves, but it sounds like the Stouthearts love their ale and drinking songs.

The Quest For The Mountainshaper will also come with a new season pass, which comes with 125 tiers of rewards. For more on the expansion, including a glimpse at some of the cards and the full release schedule for previews, check out the Minion Masters site.

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