Finally, after a while, we’re back and more explosive than ever, this time in a new and powerful server prepared to please all our members. Let’s just see for how long the new server will support the incredible number of visits we are getting.

Since we had to perform the server move, we couldn’t air this week’s Free to Play Weekly 8, but during the current week everything should get back to normal. We’re still ironing out some errors but soon will definitely leave its beta phase.

Once again, thank you for all your support and understanding.


  1. Iam so Happy 2 hear this 😀 and i was checking the site everyday since last fri for that F2p Weekly
    Bcus i really like it and wait 4 it every week ! and i think it should be more than 9 mints … because we wait the whole week for it 🙁 and then we only get 10 mins ???
    anyway MMOBOMB Ftw , its the best F2P Site Ever that worthes visting daily .
    Good job guys keep going 😀


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