Oh god I swear I am not doing this on purpose. Somewhere the stars have aligned and through them, a horde of developers have risen up with one voice and said “we must make more MOBAs!” We certainly aren’t actively trying to pursue only MOBA related news here at MMOBomb. It has simply been the primary F2P news as of late. 2013 is for MOBAs as 2012 was for shooters it seems.

At this year’s ongoing GDC 2013 conference Creative Assembly, the developers best known for their massive RTS series Total War have announced a new addition to the franchise: Total War Arena, a Free-to-Play multiplayer-focused MOBA with RTS elements.

PCGamer, was kind enough to provide the source of the information, showcasing an image of a presentation slide which lists several features for the game including team sizes (10v10), the desire for a more streamlined action-oriented design, only three specialized unit types, and “massive progression”. With Total War’s focus on large scale confrontations, it’s not hard to imagine literally hundreds of units per player clashing in battles with literally thousands of other units. The immediate thought of a large PvP focused Total War makes me think of World of Battles, which unabashedly brings in the scale of war from the TW series and places it in a multiplayer only fantasy universe.

Creative Assembly has already began asking for players to begin signing up for Arena’s closed beta here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I think this game is no challange at all! Simply follow the steps to forward? No! I quit! I’d rather play Age of Wushu.

  2. Guys this game if you watch it on youtube remind me little bit of “halo wars” Isnt first person shooter game is like age of empire

  3. You just said there isnt any point so that means you quit?How can you giving advice for others when you didnt keep yours?

  4. There is not point to play any game anymore full of cheaters inside…Best advice I dont play anymore games But There 2 option for you guys 1) You let those guys takin your control Or 2) You show them who is the boss with other words Uninstall your games or Become better then cheaters 🙂 Good luck

  5. LoL is successful because it is a good game. Actually the most played online game in the world.. so for all of the haters out there.. re-evaluate what you just said. Because, thus, equals a good game. Regardless of what you think is negative about it.. find another game that is pvp and played as much as LoL.

  6. Dude really lets count how many honest to god successful MOBA games we have that have come out in the past I can only really think of 2 Dota and League no offense to those who play HoN but its eh now I don’t know what this DCU moba your talking about is if you mean the dungeon crawler I.E the games like ( ult alliance and 2 thats not a moba! ) I’m looking forward to these games im a fan of moba’s but when league is down and I dont have DOTA atm but HoN isnt cutting it even close DOTA 2 is just crap….god crap…sadly disappointing crap (over rated out the ass!) but when LoL Is down and I need my Moba Fix I cant get a good game going on maybe I could try smite but im sure like someone said up there they game will die just like all the other games by the developer.

    At least its not another f*** WoW Clone or another crap FPS like there arnt a billion of those most mmo’s are clones of others and they all feel generic idk I just feel like Moba’s take more skill to play in the long run. -shrugs-

  7. MOBA’s are starting to spread like a wildfire the same way FPS games did,I just hope the ideas which each release is fresh and doesn’t turn into a downfall of a release of the same game with different characters.I really hope the push the envelope and make a change with the MOBA genre it’s becoming shooters,you play one,you’ve played them all.

  8. I was a big fan of total war series, especially Medieval and Rome Total War. In secret i was hopping they will make online RTS base on total war ,but they come whit a MOBA. I guess is more simple for them or cheap …

  9. Why wont they let MOBA die? it’s so repeative… so many MOBA’s .. can’t they do a classic RTS like age of empires

  10. I hate mobas as well but you just can’t just pick on them. All of you can say the the same thing about all the FPS games out there. Nothing different abut all of those & there’s like 250 FPS out there. XD

  11. I am starting to get into this moment of “i am gonna start hating a game just of what type of game it is(in this case its mobas)” cause they literaly too many mobas who like do almost nothing different exept like maybe smite and i am fine with smite really i dont like it just cause i used to the camera in league.I will probably regret this but as far as this goes

    1) System specs that are playable on 1995 systems and macs
    2) Updates OFTEN (Smite will probably die out due to their company trend of letting titles die under their name)
    3) No cash shop blockage to heroes (ony cash to unlock instantly with no P2W aspects).

    that cacalips said i gotta agree with all 3 of them from whichever point u look at it if u a developer or a company who will create a moba for u its a win win win but at this point for me personaly at least just cause so many are out there and suddenly so many are comin out i will probably starting really hating mobas(i am at the point of disliking them only so far)

    Anyways dcuo will be the last moba i will probably ever try(when it comes out ofc)so thanks but no thanks

  12. So many mobas…anyway want to see what happen with this one becouse have enjoy any total war launched and this one wouldn’t be the exception ^_^

  13. Are u kidding me?
    “Oh god I swear I am not doing this on purpose. ” Atleast this made me laugh. Yes, for about 2 seconds bevor i realized that this is no joke at all.
    WTF ARE THEY THINKING?! Tell me, who the hell will stop playing lol, dota, HoN or smite to start with this. WHO? Maybe just to troll the 10 ppl that stick with this game. I wont even look at this. God, please stop this MOBA games. Its an invasion. Nobody, NOBODY wants a new MOBA game. How many are out by now? 25? Who came up and said “ppl wants another Moba game”????? I guess it would be fine if there would be some new features other mobas dont have but im 100% SURE its worthless as all the other ones. Boah, not games make ppl angry. Game companys with their “great” ideas do. If any of the creators may will read thru this comments: You know what? Im sure u know what i would say….go do it…

    @Cacalips: Warframe is a good game for a F2P title, but its gets really fast repetative. But its not bad at all. Have to agree with that.

    • You get it all wrong, they don’t hate it because they’re bad. They’re bad because they don’t like it. Because if they did like it, they’d play more, thus, improving their skills.
      “luv fanbois <3"

  14. They don’t need more, they just looked at the log in stats of games and decided to try and exploit League Of Legends success. The key is that they need, to be like LoL, 1) System specs that are playable on 1995 systems and macs
    2) Updates OFTEN (Smite will probably die out due to their company trend of letting titles die under their name)
    3) No cash shop blockage to heroes (ony cash to unlock instantly with no P2W aspects).

    LoL is good. LoL also has some weaknesses. All in all I do not play MOBAS and more. After all these years you have 2 maps, and hundreds of cheap characters (and only 2 really effective classes)…it dies out fast, copying the genre wont make it better. Adding new camera angles (SMITE) doesnt make it better. There is even a mobile version called “Heroes of Magic and Chaos”…It is just naother LoL clone but for the phone…It is all the same…Now, create more games like Warframe…then you got my attention, imagine Warfram with space fighting and PvE story elements…OMG!

    • I find SMITE pretty fun – even if it’s only slightly ~ but different. So long we get a hero every 2 weeks and they don’t let you play them right away on rankeds but there’s a certain period while they finetune their skills and that also keeps off people trying out their newest addition to their arsenal til they actually can get a bit of experience with it.

      SMITE does quite a bit right. Not only the camera angle but the game is pretty straightforward with various modes and stuffs. The itemization is plain more simple which may not appeal to everyone but for me it makes more sense.

      Anyways I wasn’t a big MOBA fan before but SMITE made me get into it. The community is not as bad as in LoL ~ the game is pretty easy to pickup even for people not familiar with the genre or not really into it ~ the controls feel way ore comfortable ~ and it’s ultimately a fun experience to me.

      While I’m not a fanboy either ~ the matchmaking is just plain bad still ~ the other region servers lag a lot ~ and the bad apples are here as well in every while and then (it’s a MOBA after all… the warmest nest for trolls, haters and alikes…)

      But it’s still in beta.. open beta that is but it gets regular patches still ~ they are working on most of the problems and while the team did had some strange decisions before nothing worse than in any other MOBA.

      It really comes down to personal preference which MOBA you play.

      • Smite was what bought me into mobas as well… for me the matchmaking is perfect , especially since it is timed so you have time for a bathroom break, I only lag in 1 out of 10 games and so the matchmaking it”s perfect of me.

  15. God…do we need more of these? Apparently they feel gamers do, since LoL, DoTA, and the list of other successful cash cows. Everyone and their mother company is joining in on the harvest, yeah! >_<

    I've yet to even bother playing these things. 😀

      • I think the right question would be, DOTA a cash cow? All heroes are free and you can just buy pure cosmetics from the shop. I even think that now, valve is getting no profit from that game but they don’t care, it’s valve.


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