Modern Warfare 2’s Beta Size Revealed And Teaser Video May Confirm Capture The Flag And Domination

Are you ready for the return of these fan favorites?

Aspen Pash
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CoD WM2 Capture The Flag

Thanks to PlayStation Network data scraper PlayStation Game Sizes, it looks like the Modern Warfare 2 beta file size has been confirmed. The beta file size is expected to be between 15-30 GB depending on region and platform. EU’s version has the biggest download size followed by Asia, the US, and then lastly JP.

To those who want a bit more juicy details outside of beta file sizes, multiplayer fans should be happy to learn that after a new teaser for COD: MW2 was released, it would seem two classic game modes–Capture The Flag and Domination–will be returning to the game. While the teaser doesn't offer too much info, it does feature a number of Easter Eggs like perk logos and Warzone points. The Ghost Of Hope, a well-known Call of Duty leaker, shared a screenshot from the trailer that has game mode icons for both Domination and Capture The Flag.

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