Mortal Online 2's Latest Trailer Explores Its Sandbox World And Features, Devs Prep For Migration To Unreal Engine 5

More updates are heading to the game soon.

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Mortal Online 2 Video

Mortal Online 2, the player-driven sandbox MMORPG by Star Vault, debuted an updated "This is Mortal Online 2" trailer yesterday focused on exploring the world and its features alongside a big announcement from CEO Henrik Nyström. While the devs are prepping for the game's switch to Unreal Engine 5, they will release more frequent updates through their next development cycle.

During the 70th weekly stream on Mortal Online 2's Twitch channel, Nyström headed the announcement and premiered the new trailer. Following July's Necromancy update, Star Vault will continue to clean up the game and has received plenty of positive player feedback by sticking to their goals. The next phase of development - which the devs named "Project Polish" - aims to squash bugs, tidy up the rougher areas, and introduce new content. Despite saying that, the trailer does a great job of showing many of Mortal Online 2's good sides and seemingly tries to nail an Ultima Online-styled world with features controlled by players.

Like many other sandbox games, players can explore the world, gather resources and craft goods, build homes, and choose to wage wars or keep the peace in the fantastical realm of Nave. Mortal Online 2 is for players hoping to forge their own destiny and definitely is up the alley for those itching for an immersive experience with a lot of ground to cover.

With that said, Mortal Online 2 does have a steep $39.99 price tag on Steam and mixed reviews on game quality, so it's quite a gamble if the game isn't your cup of tea. Regardless, those on the fence can expect to hear about updates in the near future that might sway their decision.

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