I don’t think this can be stressed enough, Black Desert is absolutely beautiful, but I am a bit disappointed in the latest trailer. Not because it isn’t awesome, because it is, but because the meat of the trailer is only 40 seconds long or so. It certainly is juicy though.

The overall message of the trailer comes in fairly clear, “we have gratuitous amounts of action combat!” Indeed, the trailer shows several characters flailing their arms wildly as they slash at the various foes before them.

What had me replaying the trailer over and over though, was the mounted combat. While still in development, the mounted combat shown in Black Desert is to-date the best looking mounted combat I have seen in any MMO. Granted trailers have a way of making things look better than they seem, but I was particularly impressed by how fluid the mounts moved while fighting. And what’s this about giant armored Elephants? Please tell me I can invade a castle while riding one. War Elephants instantly make any game better.

For those interested in learning more about Black Desert, you can check out our full recap of Black Desert from this year’s E3. The MMO will enter closed beta testing in Korea sometime this fall. Black Desert isn’t expected to reach North American shores until 2015.

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  1. To the people comparing it to vindictus… get your facts straight! This game is developed by the same people that developed Continent of the 9th, a game that was released earlier than Mabinogi: Heroes (aka Vindictus). They took the great combat style of C9, improved it and modified it to make it work in an open world environment.

    Read up on all their stuff in their facebook page and you’ll see how well thought out this game really is.

  2. Them fast, speedy slashes remind me of devil may cry for some reason. but it looks awesome. I hope it will be a open world MMORPG. and I hope that it will be able to have a territory war PVP. That would be awesome.

    If Planet Side 2 can support 100 people in 1 the same territory and all around all of the continents at the same time (the continents are really big) then this game might be able to do that too.

  3. I always dream about games be just like this one.It looks like Ryse son of rome but is for xbox one.And the fact is all the new consoles coming out supposed to have some fun +the games.But as usually the made those for earning a lot of money,i notice that they dont care about our oppinion,they dont even try as the used to.Its really sad,and the great deal of all is when you try to play those beautiful games,you find bounch of nooby players which pretending to be a proffesionals.And those admins that supposed to ban them,masturbating.Even if you recording video and take pictures of the player who does,the simple know how to ignore you.I have a lot of evidence that proves everythink i say.

  4. if it will be another 1000 x “go kill [insert a number here] [insert enemy name here] and come back for the reward”, then this is just a waste of a good graphic artists’ work.

  5. A SHIT ton better looking than any other rpg i have seen or played,other rpgs fighting is so lame looking and boring as well

  6. The graphics and character animation look similar, yet better then Vindictus (same developers?). Hopefully like removalmitt said, this will become the new standard for mmo’s since Vindictus was able to do it using dungeons 3 years ago, and now these guys are able to do it using an open world. Just by the graphics alone, I’m getting excited for this game. Hoping they don’t disappoint later on.

  7. Well guess I’ll have to wait for an independant first look to get a real decent feeling for the game, just hope they didn’t put all their effort into just making something standard and common into a pretty version.

    Graphics wise for me, looks like the standard for new releases right now (and that’s the foreground, background wasn’t anything special)

  8. OMG!!! O_O

    even tho this looks exactly like Vindictus in another Timeline, i still want to play it! -mounts and mates with-

  9. “While still in development, the mounted combat shown in Black Gold is to-date the best looking mounted combat I have seen in any MMO.” … WHAT? this is Black Desert

  10. Hmm..Like the visuals, but thought that combat system will be more realistic, without these “flashy-flashy” swings -.-


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