NCSoft Celebrates Lineage II’s 19th Anniversary With The Paradise Festival Events

There’s something for everyone from old players to new.

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Lineage II 19th Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Lineage II. The MMORPG’s developers and players are celebrating its 19th anniversary with a series of in-game events known as the Paradise Festival Events. These include things like the Red Libra event, attendance and gift events, special crafting, and even dancing cats. There’s also a special GM event that will allow players to hang out with the Lineage II devs and receive a special buff.

The Paradise Festival also includes limited-time sever setting events. One such event removes the XP penalty typically applied to party member-level differences. Players can also take advantage of free teleports.

Finally, Lineage II Classic players will have their own set of events tailored to their version of the game. These include attendance events, the collector’s adventure, a Wine Lovers event, and more.

Check out the full anniverary website for all the particulars.

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