Aion‘s got wings, and it was flying high in the latter part of 2020, as revealed in NCSoft’s Q4 2020 financial report. The decade-old MMORPG adopted what’s been a recent trend for older games, launching a classic server for Korean players, and it paid off, boosting the game’s sales to 18.810 billion south Korean won (KRW), more than double its 8.453 bRKW total from the previous quarter. The strong finish helped Aion reach an identical total for 2020 as what it brought in in 2019.

The other MMORPGs under NCSoft’s banner performed about the same in Q4 as they did in Q3, though all were slightly down in sales for the quarter. Aion’s gains outweighed the losses from Lineage, Lineage II, Blade & Soul, and Guild Wars 2, however — the sum total of which (121 bKRW) was less than 1/3 of what mobile games brought in during the quarter (378 bKRW).

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean NCSoft is abandoning everything for mobile. In the accompanying call with press, NCSoft said that it had a “multiple number of games” planned for next-generation consoles, which likely won’t be revealed until next year. The releases would be “expanding our MMORPG universe,” while not being limited to that genre.

You can check out the NCSoft financial date on the company’s investors relations page.


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