Neverwinter's Inventory And UI Gets Quality-Of-Life Makeover For Console And PC Players

There are improvements to companion names, currency display, and more, too.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Neverwinter Inventory Makeover

Neverwinter has received a wave of quality-of-life improvements to make searching in-game tabs easier for players. Mainly, the inventory management system got a nice visual and mechanical makeover, and the UI has been tweaked here and there across the board.

First, players can find and filter items in their inventory bag faster due to the new search field option at the top of the window. The field will search all inventory tabs to display the item's name or power. Also, players can set a search or filter value that will apply to every bag in their possession so they can quickly locate particular items. Multiple items can be moved as a group now as well, but unfortunately, players can't group and delete them together. Console fans will have access to the same functionalities, too.


Fans can also rearrange their bags into whatever order, rename them, and label them with a "preferred" item type, which makes received items go nicely into the correct bags. These changes can be made via the new Bag Management window available from the "Inventory Options" button in the Inventory footer on the PC and console.

Improvements to UI range from the potion tray slot becoming available for PC players, injury kit use from the HUD menu, default names for companions to cut down searching nicknames, pinned currency display, a menu for vanity pets once summoned, and additional fashion library slots. These were the main improvement initiatives Cryptic Studios wanted to hit for the patch while expressing they will "continually [work] on making the UI and UX of the game better."

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