Perfect World’s free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons-based MMO, Neverwinter, has been given an official PS4 launch date. The game, which is being ported from the PC version, will go live on the console on July 19. The PS4 version will feature all current content from the base game including the latest update, The Maze Engine.

For PS4 players who may want a bit of an early start, there is the option to buy the Onyx Head Start Pack and receive a 7 day head start. The pack also includes a variety of other useful items, such as:

  • Fragile Onyx Weapon Pack
  • Onyx Keyring with 20 enchanted keys
  • Adventurer’s Helper Pack
  • Graycloak’s Legacy weapon
  • Onyx Horse mount
  • “The Onyx Adorned” title

Of course, the pack will run you $20. So if you’re good without these items and don’t mind waiting, you can log in on the 19th and start playing.

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  1. trionishsit on June 30, 2016

    Who cares about this anime generic shit, there is nothing about neverwinter, copy past asian mmo, its dead on pc, thats why this poop going to try consoles, all that shit should go to consoles!

    • Trionisshit on June 30, 2016

      I am a racist bigot who hates all asians and wants them nuked off the face of the earth.

      I also love to touch my sister and dress in her clothes.

  2. Lagwin1980 on June 30, 2016

    Dose not matter if its a bit of a crap game it’s the first proper MMORPPG that’s free to play on the PS4, i’d definitely give it a go though i didn’t play to long on the PC version.

    Just need to know when tera and star trek are coming out now

  3. -GG- TheSecondJoker on June 30, 2016

    As someone stated above there are way better ps4 games. The only F2P game for ps4 I’m interested in is Hawken. And another one that I have forgotten it’s name 😀

    • trionishsit on June 30, 2016

      Hawken is dead and going to consoles too, another shit going to shit hole, there are few people online who play with cheats just for fun, game died because strafing system and balance.

  4. kakakakakaka on June 30, 2016

    SO many better games, PS4 is not gonna save this stupid game

    • KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA on June 30, 2016

      whats that suppose to mean? not gonna save this stupid game? SO many better games? as in f2p one? or in general? LOL