Neverwinter River District

The only things better than a new expansion announcement are details regarding that new expansion. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios obliged today, revealing several elements slated to come to Neverwinter’s next big content chunk, which will soon go live on the game’s Preview Shard.

There’s a new adventure zone, the River District, where adventurers will help to patrol the streets at the behest of Lord Neverember. There will be lots of opportunities for treasure hunting, bartering with merchants, and even “a crazy skirmish into the mind of a mad Illusionist,” which sounds like it has chaotic elements to boost replayability. The Spellplague Caverns are also being “Refurbished and remastered,” with both standard and epic versions.

There’s more on the Neverwinter site, including a list of topics that will be covered in future dev blogs. Those include River District instances, “critters and bosses,” and everyone’s favorite topic: lockboxes!


  1. We experienced the wide expansion 10.5 “The Sea of Moving Ice”, yet most challenging. The new weapons and armor sets are that time-consuming to grind, though, that I am concerned to claim that the next module won’t be adding as difficult challanges. These items must be that ‘the highest in game’. With that I think that mod 11 will be a cool breeze, or rather, a ray of sunshine from an Epic conflict on the North. I think this particar module would have a chance to be a ‘rest’ from all these things, as the devs did already mention. I do hope then for a new skirmish to have a proper, but also humane il requirement. Let’s set it slightly lower so more ‘d experience it and so more would decide to venture forth the River District! I hope to find this new campaign (there sure will be a one) as a pleasant alternative!

  2. Half the adventurers have not gotten through the storm king expansion!!! The refinement stones are in Stovald which is like pulling a camel through a dang needle!!! Geeezzzz !!


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