New World's July Dev Update Video Dives Into Weapon Balance Changes, New Content, And Community Events

Another old-fashioned roundtable talk with the devs.

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New World Team Update

Today, the MMORPG New World devs published their latest Team Update video on YouTube. Just like past uploads, these videos are roundtable talks with the devs explaining upcoming content to eager fans. This time, the devs dove into weapon balance changes, discussed new in-game content, and revealed community events on the horizon.

Weapon balance in New World has always been a cause for concern for the devs and players alike. Since there's a good amount of weapons to choose from, balance issues seem only natural. Within the Team Update video, Creative Director David Verfaillie and Game Director David Hall reassured fans that improvements to Bow, Sword and Shield, and Hatchet were coming. They've focused on making them more fluid, PvP-friendly, and fun to play. Players can preview these changes early in the July PTR and share feedback to help them continue optimizing the weapons.

The July PTR has introduced the Barnacles & Black Power Expedition as well, the latest endgame dungeon in New World. From the dev update video, World Expedition Lead Mike Willette and AI Lead Designer Chad Redwitz laid out the new mechanics players can expect against enemies like the Neriad and Admiral Blackpowder. Willette also explained there will be new Mutations that will release alongside the Barnacles & Black Power Expedition. By overcoming the Expedition, players will gain exclusive loot.

Also, the Community Team revealed during the dev video that they're going to TwitchCon Amsterdam between July 16-17. They encouraged fans to come and hang out and ask questions at their panel or join the New World PvP Arena Open to win a prize trip to TwitchCon San Diego. There's also an upcoming PTR event that lets players interact with the Community Team in-game. They only teased the PTR event during the dev video, so those interested will have to wait to hear more.

You can watch the entire Team Update video on YouTube to learn more about the roundtable discussions between the Amazon Games team.

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