Nexon Terminating Dragon Nest Service In North America

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Nexon will no longer be publishing Dragon Nest in North America, come September 27. The company announced plans a while back to transfer all services back to developer Eyedentity Games -- as well as details on what players will need to do in order to survive the change.

According to a FAQ published with the original announcement, Nexon has decided to stop publishing the free-to-play game because the community has continued to shrink despite their best efforts. As a result, the game will no longer be available on Steam and players may be in for a few hiccups during the transfer, such as losing guild and auction house data.

Players interested in continuing to play the game after the switch will need to accept an in-game agreement prior to the transfer date. They should also be aware that as Dragon Nest will no longer be available on the Nexon Launcher, any and all NX remaining on the account will no longer be usable in the game. It will however be usable in other Nexon published offerings.

Those wishing to use their NX in Dragon Nest will need to do so before the transfer. All items purchased will transfer to the Eyedentity Games account so long as you have accepted the agreement to transfer your account.

A full FAQ on the transfer process is available on the Nexon site.

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Discussion (19)

Merkadis 7 years ago
Nexon and Aeria would make best buddies ever.
Perhaps they should make a deal or two and share their whale-hunting grounds with each other.

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Static 7 years ago
Lol, seriously? They did this bullshit to DFO. Hopefully Neople or some one will buy DN from them and republish it.

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Rawasa 7 years ago
They rather shut down the game than to open the gates to anyone outside of North America, GG Nexon.

SDD 7 years ago

Koagz 7 years ago
"Our best efforts" bull.

trionisshit 7 years ago

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Jokul 7 years ago
It's been going for a long time, and the diminishing playerbase has little to do with Nexon's cash shop choices. Other better and more polished games are releasing, so this a given.

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ASD 7 years ago
Not suprised. I mean nexon publishes decent games but the problem is they do all these cash shops in their games it's disgusting like AARON said.

Aaron 7 years ago
Seriously they were asking for it. Cash shop costumes gave some insane amount of stats it was disgusting.

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