MapleStory 10th Anniversary Infographic 1

Given its relatively small presence here in the West, Nexon’s quarterly financial statement usually isn’t as interesting as NCSoft’s, but we’re here to take a look at the Q1 edition of the report anyway. The overall tone is positive, as shown by the first line of the CEO synopsis:

Record-breaking quarterly results. Double-digit year-over-year growth in revenues and operating income. Net income more than doubled.

MapleStory, which celebrated its 15th anniversary, is singled out for having 11% growth worldwide on a year-over-year basis. The rest of the report covers the usual: mobile titles, Korean/Chinese titles, and so on.

Outside of those two countries, the rest of the world — Japan, North America, and Europe/others — brings in just 11% of Nexon’s revenue. In particular, Japan’s revenue fell for the fourth straight quarter, while NA revenue rose for the third straight, thanks in large part to the acquisition of Pixelberry Studios, which keeps raking it in.

In terms of new games, MapleStory 2 is the only PC game scheduled for “Q2 2018 and beyond” for non-Asian territories. Nexon optimistically anticipates a 70-90% increase in YoY revenue in North America. How optimistic is the company? Enough to produce this amazing chart:

Let’s take a look at this. There’s only one label, 2018. The far right end of the chart represents some unspecified point in time. Could be next year, could be five years from now. And “New PC/Mobile” and “The West” — which apparently is at zero revenue right now, in 2018 (they’re not) — will grow. How much will they be making? More! We didn’t label anything, though, just … more! Later! And there will be mergers and acquisitions! Sometime!

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