PAX South is just a few days away but we’re already getting sneak peeks at some of the free-to-play titles we expect to see and Nexon has just confirmed that PAX South attendees will be able to score hands-on time with the western version of Hyper Universe. If you’re unfamiliar with Hyper Universe, imagine taking a MOBA game and blending it with a fast paced side-scrolling combat game and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

In game you’ll be taking on the role of a “Hyper,” a unique fighter with awesome abilities ready to do battle. These Hypers are mostly comedic takes on pop culture icons so expect to find yourself asking “Is that a Power Ranger?” and other similar questions often. The answer is often yes…but not officially!

The side-scrolling battle is controlled using two hands on your keyboard and objective wise you’ll be tasked with capturing and defending a number of turrets across multi-level side-scrolling maps.

Expect more news on the title from PAX South and just in case you haven’t seen the game yet, I’ve included a look at Korean gameplay courtesy of YouTuber Acrofan below. Check out the official site for more (well, not really MORE information yet as the site is pretty sparse.)

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  1. I was a fan of the game till I saw the gameplay then I lost interest but it could still be a great thing for the days I’m home sick.


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