"NFTs Can F*** Off," Says Grinding Gear Games' Chris Wilson

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Jason Winter
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Path of Exile Heist Engineering

In my parlance, I've said that "NFT" stands for "No Fucking Thanks," and it appears that at least one game developer agrees with me, profanity and all.

A Path of Exile fan on Twitter said that they were "haunted by the fever dream of GGG bringing NFTs to PoE." About 12 hours later -- New Zealand time zones, y'all -- Path of Exile Community Manager Bex responded with the quote of the day/week/month/millennium:

Some of the responders to that topic try to make salient points, like saying that Chris Wilson's Magic: The Gathering cards are "as close you can get to NFTs in the real world." While I have noted some similarities between NFTs and the early days of CCG, the key is the "fungible" part of "non-fungible." Being "non-fungible," like an NFT, means that the product being "sold" can be copied, while a "fungible" item, like a physical card, cannot.

Another "person" said that "being mad at NFTs is like being mad at hammer because you smashed your finger." Well, if the hammer cost me $1000 (and someone all but guaranteed it would retain or even increase that value, even after a million similar hammers were made) and required me to burn down half the rainforest, then yeah, I might be mad at it, for a variety of reasons. Also, I don't actually own the hammer, just a likeness of it. Good luck pounding nails with a jpg. (Yes, there are exaggerations in that comparison, don't hunt me down, cryptobros.)

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