In today’s “no news is good news” category, we find that Blizzard has no plans to shutter Heroes of the Storm. The company felt the need to clarify this after players noticed that the game’s physical merchandise store had shrunk dramatically — going from 5 pages of clothing and other items to one. (I’m really hoping the people in this thread find some ways to replace their worn and lost hoodies.) From there, fans noted the sudden death of other MOBAs — and the perception that Blizzard is favoring Overwatch League above all else — and the fear that the same might be happening with Heroes was born.

Luckily, PCGamesN was able to grab Sam Braithwaite, the Heroes of the Storm esports franchise lead at IEM Katowice, and ask them about the situation. According to Braithwaite, there’s nothing to worry about. He addressed the merchandise store issue, noting that they’re “re-evaluating some (or in this case) most of the merchandise.” From there he added that the Heroes team has “an incredibly jam-packed content schedule for the rest of the year”, noting several announcements will be made at BlizzCon and that there are “tons” of new heroes in the works.

Braithwaite did concede that they’ve slowed production on new heroes, but only due to the fact that they want to give some attention to older heroes in order to assure they stay viable in both competitive and quick play.

So, basically, it’s business as usual. As for the merch store, it’s possible that because Heroes is a game made up of characters from other games, the merchandise just doesn’t fly off the shelves as fast. Physical merch has more of a financial impact on companies than digital due to production and the need of somewhere to store it. So, if it doesn’t sell… You know the rest. Still, it’s a shame about those hoodies. Everyone needs good hoodies.

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