Today, we have a good news/bad news type situation for anyone playing SoulWorker Online in Open Beta. The good news is that despite thinking they might have to wipe of OB accounts due to technical issues, that’s not going to be the case. Players can look forward to carrying their progress over into the live game. Yay, us!

So, what’s the bad news? Well, according to a report on MMOCulture, Gameforge implemented region blocking in the game over the weekend, causing players not in North America or Europe to find themselves locked out — apparently without any real notice. There was, however, a brief note regarding the IP block posted yesterday on the game’s forums. Basically any region that isn’t under Gameforge’s licensing rights are blocked.

This was followed up today with a post stating that the company had to change its stance on IP restrictions due to “licensing issues”.

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  1. LUL, they’re region-locking because NA and EU server got swamped and killed the server.

    (which was the reason that I uninstalled the game, got Disconnect from Server for 2 days constantly)

    o well, I guess, RIP non-NA/EU players. (still not going back to play tho, not worth my time)


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