One of TERA’s strengths has always been its big boss fights. The action MMO has made good use of its control scheme and combat style to bring relatively satisfying PvE fights to fruition. The latest announcement from En Masse Entertainment seems to echo these sentiments as the publisher has just unveiled the Wounded World update, which introduces four new dungeons filled to the brim with TERA’s signature BAM baddies.

Set to go live on July 8th, each dungeon offers a completely seperate environment to fight in with enemies ranging from hordes of bloated beasts in the 7-man dungeon, The Abscess to giant bees and beetle bosses in the 10-man Rift’s Edge Bam Slam.

Solo content will also be available and players can expect to check out the faerie world of Ghillieglade where they must rescue its guardian denizens from the clutches of corruption. Finally we have the middle ground with the 5-man dungeon Lakan’s Prison where players are tasked with preventing a sorceress from unleashing an ancient evil god.

All of this hard work and toil isn’t merely for the glory. Players can expect to be rewarded with loads of new tiered armor sets (both PvE and PvP), weapons, designs, recipes and more. If you’re interested in finding out more, En Masse has setup a special site where you can preview each dungeon and some of the upcoming loot.

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  1. Tera’s got decent combat but below average game design. For instance, cutesy race has ridiculously small hitbox but longest range of attack. Repetitive grind is just the icing on the cake of incompetence and bad decisions

    • the point of all games these days is to grind to better items, lvl, etc. Thats part of it as long as you have friends playing with you its a lot of fun to coordinate attacks and i am fine with most of the developers decisions this game is use bye most a lot of people to show how to make a game free 2 play.

      • Actually, I love this game. I’m not really into MMO’s that much now a days, but this one has my attention!

        Add me on there Rose lol, if we are on the same server anyway.

  2. WELL THE MAIN PROBLEM ON TERA IS THE OPTIMIZATION !! yes optimization (fps) because enmasse dont know how to solve that programming problem unless Tera korea pass the build to fix that , but that never will happen because that programming must be solved by enmmasse not Tera korea. So i personally leave this game because of optimization ( fps problem ) always in CS with 17-25 fps and i can run battlefield 4 Ultra with 80 fps always ….

    • get a better computer is all i can say i run this in ultra with 120 fps but limit it to 80 if your having problems its jest because you haven’t fixed it yet their game runs fine and if its to slow on the fps lower the graphics BF4 btw horrible reference pzz pick games that runs the same engine style.

  3. LOL everyone’s comments are so trolled out and tarded.

    1) The population is fine. I got back in on my old toon at level 45 and tons of people running around, actual server hic ups because so many people. And lots of chat going on. (I am also on EU side).

    2) Game has had more updates that RIFT. So that argument sounds stupid. Rift is dull, ugly to look at. Boring game play (Broken PvP, bad dungeon design, and only open world rift hunting is worth it, but it is hard to get dedicated groups up). TERA does all of that better…Except PVP.

    3) PvP in TERA has always been a second though. Because most open action games make piss poor pvp games. Especially ones that use “circle” of attack. Dragons Nest literally added PvP as a content update years later. TERA is the same. No one joined it for the PVP. It is not as crisp as other games. On that note, it is better done than most zerged out games (AIOn, GW2, etc..)

    4) MOBA are garbage. They suffer from the same thing PVP mmrpgs do. OP cashers. DOTA 2 has a half million dollar donater that got a “pink pig” ressource boost for paying in the upper end gaming. LoL has rune sets to out right buy and get your game on. Or else farm farm farm sad losing points with a few wins (and it should be called LEague of Assassins).
    etc etc.

    5) For the buck. You get it all. Free. Great open instance areas in TERA, great dungeon areas in TERA. PvP is there for the mastering. And there is content that has come out. And this is proof they have more.
    What Mmobomb has not released in it’s joke of a news section, is that Enmasse, TERA, just got 13 million dollar funding. They are making 2 new games and a possible TERA 2 (I hope TERA sees more updates as well with new cash influx.

    • For your information douchebag the only thing you can buy with cash in lol and dota 2 are cosmetics skins and xp boost or in game money boost.Something that when you hit max level you dont need to.The runes you are talking about in LOL are only with in game currency and by the time you hit max level you have pretty much all the runes for the champions you want to play 🙂 Search better before you speak.

    • i have to say only reason people troll on tera is because their solo players trust me group pvp in tera is nothing but fun this content update will have all of us enjoying the game for another 3 weeks or so though. if you don’t like it then don’t comment (to the trollers) i think this gives some good points though and that people keep trying to compare mobas to this game is down right silly their to separate games types

  4. Played this game and loved it, but then realized how pointless PvP is, which made me question why I was even playing it. Not sure how people have fun PvEing and questing 24/7 for absolutely no reason. For any MMORPG, the PvP was the main thing that I was always looking forward to, but if it’s pointless, then what’s the point of the game? It’s like a never ending facebook game. That’s why MOBAs dominate the gaming industry now and will continue to do so.

  5. Nothing special, The same monsters with different skins and different names. If you played through 60 levels then you know what i mean, how cheap it is.

  6. I feel bad for the game. It’s so fun to play but it get barely update now a days. It gets new update like every few months I mean the game would’ve been still alive and well if they update the game constantly like RIFT. RIFT is more fun than this game now because of its update.


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