A new update titled “The 8 Squared Conflict” goes live today; bringing with it more than 120 new quests and the opportunity for players to join the White Army forces.

The update expands Otherland‘s story line, taking players deeper into the simulation known as 8 Squared — one of the most dominant in the Otherland multiverse. It adds a variety of new locations, like the Mausoleum or the Red Castle as well as enough content to keep players busy for an additional 10 levels. This is good news, seeing as the update also raises the level cap to 40.

This update also addresses issues and wishes put forth to DRAGO Entertainment. As a result there’s a list of bugfixes and changes that include male characters being reworked, keybindings for the quickslot being added, and improvements to zone transitions.

Otherland is currently available for Early Access on Steam.

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  1. I have played this game for 2 hours and I have to say it was strange….The story is so abstract I can’t even tell what I am suppose to see as real and as computer generated. The game really does take the virtual avatar concept all the way to the plot. The game play is no different than any other game and content wise its pretty strange.

    Some people may like this, but I didn’t.

  2. Guys, check this out and look on the names of people giving good reviews of Otherland on Steam: NessetKlipfel8, ShaddShiraki8, EroSmeby8, MickieUpton8, AnsbroNobel8 the list goes on you can see where I heading with this: MOST of the positive reviews of Otherland on Steam are fakes!

    • Oh you don’t know steam offers a blackmarket of things you can do to promote your game all you have to do is splurge some cash. They will do everything from boting reviews, and even go as far as pay real people to physically review the game and say nothing but good things about it.

      That is steam for you…

    • That’s what happens when you let just any random idiot “review” games..player reviews have always been such a joke. Some schmuck with all the IQ of a turnip having any influence on a game’s rating in a storefront; the idea almost offends my senses as a human being.

      • Agree they do need to have some limitations in place for product reviews such as community standing but it would still not make for an even playing field to get legitimate takes on any game. Keep in mind a lot of people will white knight for games that are complete trash for no other reason than the purchase of a founders pack. This game isn’t what I expected but i’ve seen much worse. I can’t give an in depth review as i haven’t been able to play enough into it to write one my self. And thus I have none on steam. As far as buying the steam review it doesn’t do any more for them than paying off ign for good feedback and that’s been going on since pre 32 bit era. Anyone with sense will try it for themselves or ask a friend who has similar taste in games. There will never be any means to filter out purchased publicity unfortunately.


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