You know I couldn’t pass up good inventory management news, and today it’s Path of Exile that’s making sorting through all your stuff easier. That’s a good thing, too, because any Exile worth his or her salt has a lot of stuff.

The new stash tab folders and affinities system went live today. You can now organize your stash tabs into folders for whatever categories you’d like to define. You can easily drag tabs in and out of folders — as many as you’d like to create — and you can access them via tabs at the top of the UI or a multi-tiered, PC-like folder menu to the right.

You can also set affinities for your stash tabs, even your free ones, so that items of your chosen type will be automatically sorted to that tab when you Control-click on them in your inventory. You can set a tab to have multiple affinities, so multiple types of items will be sorted there.

The system is live now for PC players but will need more time before it’s implemented on consoles. For more on the new stash tabs and affinities system, check out the post on the Path of Exile site, and find out everything else in today’s update in the patch notes here.

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