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Poison in Path of Exile used to just be an effect on some weapons and skills that did additional damage, but soon it’ll be a mechanic in its own right, helping to make Wraeclast an even more dangerous place. Because, you know, it’s practically a rainbow-themed fluffy amusement park ride now…

As described in today’s developer blog, a future update will make it so that poison effects can now stack, instead of the biggest one just overriding the smaller ones, and it can only be applied by physical and chaos damage. Additionally, various gems can grant poison damage or increase an existing source, and passive skills will also specifically increase poison damage. A few skills will also get tweaked to better accommodate the new mechanics.

The only thing I’m wondering is, when Grinding Gear Games was having team discussions about these changes, did anyone feel comfortable eating or drinking the snacks in the meeting room? I know I wouldn’t have.

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  1. Always love POE updates.

    GGG is one of the more intelligent companies out there, I fully trust what they do, even when sometimes they overtune things (searing totem). To keep even some balance in a game that complex is pretty insane.

  2. Will be interesting to see what sort of builds it will produce, Rockmeo mentions spell echo…not really going to happen specifically for poison, but you do have ethereal knives, which is a physical damage spell and should benefit from spell echo.

    The way it stacks coupled with crit/crit multi and cyclone would seem to be a pretty OP combination

  3. I know it’s hard to write articles when there’s not that much “scoop” on the market..but talking about a trivial thing like “poison mechanisms” of a single game is just saddening.

    • actually if you played the game for any length of time you would know that this is actually a big change in the game.
      You saying its trivial is just very subjective, every effect on PoE makes a build. The whole game revolves around using effects to determine a build.

      I can tell you from experience, this is basically PoE’s version of adding a new class. So the next time you want to make a claim about something being trivial just make sure you know what your talking about because clearly you dont.

      Whats saddening is people talking shit all the time about things they know jack shit about.

      Go back to diablo……

      • Pretty mouch what you said , and Awesome More builds!! , now you can use poison arrow to the max i hope they add some gems aswell, something like skill duration but Effect duration and i hope poison get to be used with something like spell echo


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