Grinding Gear Games has a fat new patch that’s just about ready to go live for Path of Exile, fixing some of the more egregious issues with the new Metamorph Challenge League, as well as heavily modifying the battle with the Awakener.

If you’ve got too many organs from Metamorph fights — and who doesn’t? — you’ll be able to trade in three for a random one that’s different from what you offered up. Bosses can also be frozen now and, thankfully, players can no longer “get trapped in the vat in Tane’s Laboratory.” Sounds unpleasant.

The Awakener receives a number of changes, which seem to be geared toward reducing its difficulty: lower level, more randomized storm behavior, improved visibility on his attacks, and so on. Various other changes include modifications to the Atlas of Worlds and GGG has “Re-straightened the curved paths on the world map,” which sounds like a pretty major terraforming exercise.

Patch 3.9.2 for Path of Exile goes live later this week. You can read the full patch notes here.

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