Yesterday, PWE launched a new expansion for its namesake game, Perfect World International. Titled ‘Redemption’, the expansion adds new content in the form of a Bestiary where players can catalog powerful monsters, a sixth tier Boundary, Royal Sky, new monsters, and more.

The expansion even sets the stage for new seasonal events that will arrive later this year. That means new rewards — clothes, pets, titles, you name it.

In honor of the launch, PWI is offering players a limited time round of boosts to XP, money, and drops. And, since it’s the game’s 10 year anniversary, (I swear if games were people we’d be buying all our friends’ birthday presents in the same month.) PWE has provided a special code good for one anniversary gift pack. Information on how to redeem the code can be found in on the PWI site.

Oh. And since it’s their anniversary. Here’s the obligatory infographic. Enjoy!


  1. They should upgrade their old world zones before introducing new ones… So far there has been a huge gap in the graphics quality between the original content and the one added years later.


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