Planetside 2 Optimizations Continue, Explosive Animation Improvements Incoming

Rogue Planet Games has new leadership in place for PlanetSide 2. Andy “IronSites” Sites posted a letter to the community today to announce his departure from the company after eight years of working on PS2. He called PS2 the game “that I’m most proud of” in his over 20 years of working on various titles and is proud to be a member of “a community that never gave up hope.”

In his absence, the game and the studio will be put in the hands of Lead Designer Michael “Wrel” Henderson and Technical Director Chris Farrar. Sites said that with them in place, as well as “the growing Rogue Planet Games development team, I can assure you that we are in good hands.”

Sites said that while he’s no longer a member of the PlanetSide 2 dev team, he’s still a member of the community and he’s looking forward to “what the team has planned for 2021 and beyond.” Considering its busy 2020, which saw several major updates (like this one and this one) and revived the game after some relatively quiet years, there’s a good chance that the game will continue to flourish in the coming year, regardless of who’s in charge.


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