So, your Neverwinter mounts have been getting a bit long in the tooth and you’ve not shied away from letting the devs know that. Good job! Because changes are on the way.

In response to player feedback, Cryptic announced that they will be making changes to mount speed — although not the changes you probably expected — and how players go about acquiring higher quality mounts. In the first instance, the team has opted to simplify how mount speed works by allowing players to choose between two modes — Trot, which increases speed by 50% and Gallop, which increases speed by 140%.

As for acquiring better mounts. Well, you’re not simply hoping to get drops. Instead, you’ll be able to upgrade Common quality mounts all the way to Mythic (which is now available). To allow for this, the dev team did have to make some adjustments to individual mounts, such as standardizing the amount of insignia slots and the fact that they all now have a Passive and Combat power. The changes also resulted into some changes in the Zen store making mounts cheaper and companions account wide — which can be read about on the Neverwinter site.

To get players up and running with the new mount changes, the devs also announced a free pack containing mount upgrade tokens, an epic mount collar choice pack, stones of empowerment, and a companion coupon.

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