Playtesters Share Possibility Of Loot Box System In EA's Game Skate, Company Responds

Of course, anything could change from now until the game’s launch.

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Skate Loot Boxes

EA's free-to-play reboot of Skate is apparently adding its own version of loot boxes. According to Skate playtest leakers, to purchase these loot boxes-or "Swag Bags", as they are called in the game–players must complete various challenges of varying difficulties to obtain the in-game currency ‘Stars’. These stars can then be used to purchase the loot boxes.

Loot Boxes are currently priced between 2 and 3 Stars, with 3 Star Loot Boxes having better items than the 2 Star loot boxes. Players can collect various items from purchasing the loot boxes like skateboard stickers, clothing, and even house furniture.

For now, each Loot Box will contain five individual items. However, the player will only receive one of these five items when unlocking a Loot Box and, as of now, there is no percentage given on the odds of which item a player could receive. On the chance a player receives a duplicated item, instead of having two, the player will be rewarded with a new type of currency called “Hype”. We can only hope that EA installs a system where a player can only receive so many duplicates come release. That, or they display the percentage for each item in the loot box to allow full transparency.

There are currently 16 Loot Boxes in Skate, five items in each box, and 80 items in all. Of course, it’s smart to mention that any or all of this could change before launch, but for now, the loot box system doesn't seem terrible and "Stars" cannot be purchased with cash in testing, but as mentioned above, a lot of this will rely on how transparent EA will be with the loot box percentages and future plans.

The Skate team did take to Twitter to remind potential players that these loot boxes would remain a feature you wouldn't pay for:

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