MMOBomb’s Spunkify interviews two representatives for Spearhead Games on their new upcoming “soccer MOBA” that takes place in the future. Spunkify gets the scoop on current game mechanics and future plans for Project Cyber.

Those interested in a Steam Key for the game can find one here at the Spearhead Game’s official site.


  1. Didn’t find it as fun, could use some of my *cough* designness *cough* awesomeness *cough* 😀

    jokes aside, it feels slightly clunky, with weird-ish controls. The menu/loading screen aren’t as good, though I understand that the build was quickly setup. For this game, it seems better for them to have only one champion, but to have it compeltely upgradable/customizable, though not in unfair ways, but more like TF2’s weapons.


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