Heroes & Generals just got a big update, and it’s appropriately named after one of the most skilled generals from World War II. The Rommel update reworks the Generals part of the game and adds more ranks for Hero soldiers to strive for.

At rank 12, Heroes become officers, letting them buy and use assault teams in the same way as generals and they gain XP based on how those teams perform on the campaign map. Once a character reaches rank 17, he can choose to become a general and have more options for his assault teams, though he can no longer be used in battles.

As for the campaigns themselves, there are now 15 capitals spread out around the (larger) European map, and factions can win the campaign by controlling 12 capitals.

Finally, tanks handle terrain better, paratroopers have more weapon options, and infantry and tankers can purchase a wrench to repair vehicles and serve as a makeshift close-combat weapon. BONK!

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  1. If only this game had gameplay more similar to battleground Europe it would be more fun.

    As it stands players just run and gun or snipe from a distance. Not really realistic.


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