If you haven’t thought about Realm of the Mad God for a while, you’d be forgiven. The free-to-play top-down bullet-hell roguelike MMO is still available on Steam, as it has been for eight years, but a new remastered version, Realm Exalt, is now available in open beta form.

You can learn how to get into the new version via instructions on Reddit, which will send you to the game’s website to download the client. You can even get there through the original game’s site, which has a link for the Exalt launcher. You can also download from your Steam launcher by right-clicking on your Launch button, selecting Properties and then Exalt. Just, uh, be very careful if you decide to uninstall, as multiple people are saying that doing so uninstalls everything from your hard drive.

So what’s the difference between the original game and the new one? Better performance, mostly, with “Spaghetti code is in the past” and the ability to “unleash the performance of hardware acceleration.” All progress is carried over from the old version to the new and there are lots of other UI improvements as well. Just never try to uninstall it.


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