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Realm of the Mad God


About the game:
Title: Realm of the Mad God
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Wild Shadow Studios
Publisher: Wild Shadow Studios

Realm of the Mad God is a free to play 2D browser based cooperative MMO shooter with RPG elements and retro styling straight from the 8-bit era. Fight monsters in groups of up to 85 players! Dodge blasts from devious monsters while you work with friendly teammates to take down the Mad God himself.

Realm is a major advance for MMOs, putting dozens of players into the middle of an intense action game straight out of the arcades. The game is free to play; jump in for 5 minutes or stay for hours.

Explosive Features:

  • Great 8-bit art: Retro styling straight from the 8-bit era.
  • Loot! Hundreds of weapons, potions, armors, and rings.
  • Cooperative play. All experience is shared and you win by playing together.

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System Requirements

Realm of the Mad God Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB

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  1. Well for most of you who have been playing heres something id advise of you: Do no go to the god lands (A.k.a the harder mobs who deal a crud of damage) until u have tier 4-5 and higher and for your Level go at 10-15 your hp will be high enough for you to take damage. (specially from the damn Medusa)
    And if you think getting to level 20 and being a 6/8 is good think of instantly dying at oryx ( hes the Final boss but to get him you have to kill as many quest mobs as fast as you can He can to 250 damage so look out)

    This is my commentary as an 8/8 white star (my class is wizard) oh yeah my name isnt registered so you cant search me if you try

  2. One of the best MMO’s in existance. Just dont forget it’s origninal title: “The co-op mmo fantasy shooter.” It describes it too well. And guys, stop complaning about the permadeath. just be glad you have the vault.

  3. Well, this game is pretty epic, fast-paced, and generally cool. I like the pixelated style of the characters and skills. Though the Perma-Death discouraged me to play it. But the perma death lets you try out other classes and UNLOCK them, by reaching a certain level in some certain class. But, I’m warning some new guys, one hit from an enemy makes a huge difference.

  4. People are leaving bad reviews since THEY are bad at the game.
    I consider myself at least decently knowledgeable about the game (having had a 6/8 character and tops and being in a top guild [ 6/8 = 6 stats maxed out of 8 and tops = best equipment]) will address some more serious problems.

    Since Kabam has bought the game, there have only been horrid updates (in my opinion) and the game has become much more P2W (such as buying tops in the nexus, and pets). You can get pets normally, but to do so requires much work and feeding compared to people who simply pay money to buy pet food.

    I could deal with this, but recently I have been experiencing huge lag spikes which often force me to nexus, and sometimes even kill me. There was even a glitch at one point where invisible bullets could immediatly kill maxed characters.

    As for permadeath, it is an essential part of the game, and once you have unlocked all characters it only means that you have just started. Leveling is quite easy as long as you take your time, but people often rush into areas to high level for them and get themselves killed. Leveling with a friend always makes it easier and more fun as experience is shared.

    The game is co-op as though you complain about people “leeching of the dungeon” and such, there is always the option to solo a dungeon or rush it yourself (however the fore-mentioned people who wrote the complaint probably wont have the skills to do either and therefore are the real leeches 😉 )


    Has a “social” element
    big variety of things to do
    many items

    Steep learning curve
    Permadeath discourages new players
    Lag Spikes

    • Its not p2w. You can get every item you want. Only valut and chars you need 2buy but its not a problem. You can easy make real life money by selling lifes and buy what ever you want.(Get 6/8 pally and rush abysses, get that def and buy life 7-8def. People buy lifes for TF2/CS:GO keys, 5-6lifes=1key. 1key=1.90€. Its mean you can make 1.90€ in a day.

  5. Ok i have played this game for a year and i mean it has come a long way but to make this review shorter i will do a pro and con


    + Very fun and addictive
    + Very fast paced
    + A big map and many monsters to fight
    + A good amount of weapons that depend on tiers
    + Fun to play in big groups


    – It is pay 2 win ( It doesnt really matter because there is no pvp)
    – Its hard to find your friends in game

    I know there are more pros than cons but for me its hard to find many cons.

  6. good – addictive and fast lving.

    1) no daily chance as in daily spin,daily bonus,etc; even some currency drop from the one of many monsters that can kill you from full hp almost instantly. point is some way to get currency without paying or those stupid give information deals.
    2) deadly cc for example a lowly god (slime god) hits you with slow and ur spd is reduce by like 80% instantly try dodging like that in godlands or even worse the confused that switches movement buttons. the problem is that the majority of players (70%+?) dont know how to control it during that state.
    3)they refuse to add a way to prevent people from teleporting to you just because they said the game was meant to be cooperating with everyone yet its the complete opposite. plus its more of a way to increase your chance of dying.
    4)No quest changing option, like it gives you a lame phoenix quest yet you’re probably more interested in a cube god or lost lord but it gives a quest for the closest mid-level god even though you are high level. Even if a prefered event,god,etc is closer than that mid-level god for some it ignores it (probably cause ur farming alone and they dont want that)
    – more to be added –

    • The quest are based on your level and when you kill a Phoenix lord or ghost god or cyclops there is a 10% chance it will spawn the event bosses and the status effect aren’t really that big of a deal just teleport or nexus if your in trouble so don’t go complaining just because you suck.

  7. What is great about this game is level of mastery you can achieve at dodging and shooting with exercise. After some time, you start milking the godlands (a spot on the map where only bosses spawn and drop good loot) and doing some dungeons.
    When you get some skill, it becomes a bit too repetitive on the godlands and many dungeons and too hard to solo (and many players are uncooperative and rush through the dungeon only to get the loot).
    There is a currency system based on stat-potions which you also get on godlands and in dungeons.
    The drop is not random (each monster has a list of items it drops) and you must qualify for the loot by the amount of damage done.

    The gamestyle doesn’t enforce enough cooperativity.

    The graphics is really great. And no matter how skilled you are, you will die at some point and the deaths can be really frustrating and stupid. (YAST or YAAD)*

    * Nethack terminology (Yet another stupid death, Yet another annoying death).

  8. First off this game has a classical graphic style like the first zeldas so any retro gamer should love it its easy to start playing easy and short tutorial simple gameplay and easy to enjoy but there are always cons there is nothing perfect this game has a system where if you want good items or different classes or more storage space for prized possessions you gotta buy realmgold which cost real life money if you dont do that there is no way to get new items besides trading with other players you can get items from boss drops but its like any other mmorpg its random drops there is plenty of things to kill and huge player base at first sight this game looks really easy but when you enter a realm and travel inland it gets kind of threaten you can get gang banged by like 50 things at once so you got to be carefull

    So if your looking for a simple retro style mmorpg try it out its definitely worth playing

    i give it a 7.5 out of 10

  9. XD This game is so addicting. You only run out of things to do when you’ve unlocked all the characters. Until then it will be nonstop action, no blinking and don’t forget to follow the “bridge”! 😛 Definitely a game to try.

  10. It’s a really addictive game. I enjoy it a lot.
    It would have been even MORE epic if it was 3D.
    I give it a 9/10

    • It IS 3d, just not very noticeable, because it is top down. At least currently you can rotate the camera, which is not possible in regular isometric 2d games. I guess its kind of a psuedo-3d, ie you don’t notice it actually is.

  11. Good game. The retro graphics are fun, game play is easy to get but the Permadeath is a pain. Although using the deaths to open new classes is cool.


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