Respawn Debuts An Early Peek At Vantage, Apex Legends' Upcoming Sharpshooter With An Alien Bat Companion

Ahead of the game's "Hunted" update, fans can watch an animated short to learn more about Vantage.

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Apex Legends Vantage & Echo

Today, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts debuted a new animated short in the "Stories from the Outlands" video saga (below) that spotlights Apex Legends' upcoming sharpshooter: Vantage. The new Legend will arrive with the "Hunted" update on August 9, but fans can catch a sneak peek of her capabilities and backstory from the nearly five-minute film before release.

Titled "Survive," the animated short focuses on the dangerous life of Vantage. It follows her struggles with surviving on the ice planet Págos and spotlights her relationship with her wrongfully convicted mother. While living out in the wild, Vantage has naturally picked up survival skills and sports a scoped sniper rifle as firepower. Toward the end, she encounters an alien bat friend called Echo, eventually becoming her companion as she enters the Apex Games.

Respawn plans to reveal more details about Vantage and the upcoming "Hunted" update soon. After the introduction of Newcastle, Vantage is sure to shake things up, even if fans might know what she's capable of since her in-development abilities leaked back in March with many others. While Vantage is the star of the "Hunted" update, there's plenty more heading to Apex Legends. The game will receive a level cap increase, continuing changes to the Kings Canyon, and a new Battle Pass.

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